Main differentiators:

    • The curriculum works across all cultures, lifestyles, industries and belief systems.
    • Five Coaching niches are available to choose from, for your specialisation. 
    • You receive a 12-session proven coaching program, making it easy to start coaching immediately. 
    • You can start earning immediately after your 8 weeks of training (should you need to) whilst being mentored by Amanda
    • You will learn to use the signature blended coaching technique. 
    • This Coach Training includes using over 25 coaching models, tools and assessments and 40 coaching soft skills.
    • Learn to create empowered self-sustainable clients rather than needy clients.
    • Bottomline: You specialise and become credentialed!

Blending Coaching, Mentoring & Training

Learning to blend Coaching, Mentoring and Training (educating) is the most efficient way for empowering self-sustaining people. Using these skills, tools and techniques, you will learn how to change a needy and draining client into a self-sustainable champion; a winning advert for more business. This makes the difference between you and your clients surviving or thriving.

Course Information & Credentialing

This is not an entry level course and you can expect to put in about 300 hours over the period of 5 months to a year. You are provided with a 12 session coaching program, which you implement with test clients whilst receiving mentoring from Amanda, taking your coaching from beginner, to good, to great… Where other courses teach you to ask questions, this course gives you a 12-session coaching program and over 20 tools you can use to bring change and move your clients forward. This is a huge contributing factor with assisting you with starting a coaching business with immediate paying clients.

You have one year to complete your Portfolio of Evidence, which includes 100 hours of coaching. This course is recognised by COMENSA and you will be registered with COMENSA as a student coach. You can apply to be evaluated for credentialing by COMENSA as a coach once you have 150 coaching hours. This will give you coach credentialing CCC (COMENSA credentialed coach). This is all included in your Course.

You have 5 areas to choose from to specialise in:

The recognised certificate will carry one of the titles listed in bold.

1.      Coaching with Impact: Specialisation: Re-integration Coaching

For those wanting to assist people with rebuilding their lives: trauma patients, rehab (both drugs and physical rehab), prisoners, people impacted through terminal illness etc.

2.     Coaching with Impact: Specialisation: Life Coaching

For those wanting to impact communities and families: general life coaching, relationship coaching. Counsellors, pastors, school teachers, working with troubled teens and parents wanting to use a coaching approach with their children

3.     Coaching with Impact: Specialisation: Corporate Coaching

For those in HR departments to offer coaching to company staff. Also for corporate Leadership development, Managers and executives. To incorporate a coaching approach when working with people. Proven extremely effective for empowering sales staff. Also impacting call centre staff to cope with difficult clients or generally understand people.  Most important training for call centre managers to lead their teams.

4.     Coaching with Impact: Specialisation: Sports BMT Coaching 

This is Performance coaching for Sports professionals as a career or for when they retire from professional sport. For instructors who offer specialist physical training programs. Sports psychologist to offer a coaching approach to help sports professions understand who they are on the field and who they are off the field. There is life after sport.

5.     Coaching with Impact: Specialisation: Health Coaching

Those offering lifestyle changes in diet/food and need to change people’s thinking and behaviour towards food: Nutrition Network (Noakes Foundation), Dieticians etc. Please note: you can only train as a health coach if you have a certificate as a dietitian, health and fitness, or from other organisations like The Nutrition Network (click here for their link)


Participants who complete this training will be able to:

    • Fully understand and blend Coaching, Mentoring and Training.
    • Learn over 40 internationally recognised coaching skills
    • Learn to use and confidently apply over 20 coaching tools
    • Coach people to freedom from addictive behaviour or things that hold them back like limiting beliefs
    • Help clients identify and deal with triggers
    • Effectively guide a client through implementing a permanent change or new lifestyle they want.
    • Identify and eradicate stressors that cause triggers
    • Empower clients to change negatives into positives thereby reducing stress
    • Connect Personal Core Values & Personality to your clients new goals, ensuring champion behaviour and exponential winning
    • Help clients deal with stressful relationships that impact their eating
    • Know when to apply a tough love approach
    • Learn to confidently challenge clients through difficult topics and set courageous goals for their good
    • Help your clients “Face the FACTS” when in denial
    • Positively impact their relationships in family and working environment
    • Get all the coaching skills you need to effortlessly coach your clients through their spaces of tension and awkwardness
    • Move people form being needy and feeling powerless to being Self-sustainable
    • Develop Advanced Coaching Skills

The price displayed is a subsidised price for South Africans. If you live outside of South Africa, the price is $1800 (USD). Reach out to Amanda for a secure payment link.

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