Want to go paperless & be organised?

You need to experience the Live With Impact Digital Organiser.

This organiser is beautifully designed to make your planning and organising not only efficient, but a pure delight.
This is great system to help you be organised, plan well and have all your info in ONE place. This is for people who book their appointments using a digital calendar on their phone or computer. A great tool for paperless students too.

If you do not use a digital calendar for booking your appointments, then rather consider the Live With Impact Diary. The diary has a space for actual appointments in your weekly view.

If you have never used a digital organiser or planner of any sort, here is a video showing how to use One Note. One note is a free Microsoft app which apparently works on all devices and all platforms.


This is about organising your day and and being intentionally excellent with your time; helping you organise your life. There is so much more that could be added, but it already has over 90 pages… This organiser has the flexibility for you to add pages according to your needs, giving you great versatility.

Please keep in mind that you might need to purchase an app to be able to use and edit this pdf. You can use any Note Taking app, as long as it allows you to IMPORT A PDF. Please check this before purchasing the app or buying this digital organiser PDF. There is a lesson which gives you a list of a few apps and a couple of Youtube videos to assist you.

What is included?

This is a print screen of what the weekly page looks like. A list of all the blocks included on the weekly view are listed below. Notice the monthly tabs with hyperlinks on the right, helping you navigate easily:

A page for every week of the month which includes blocks for:

  • Inspiration
  • My biggest win
  • Urgent
  • Important
  • Social media notes
  • Planner for 7 days of the week “ToDo” style
  • Review of the week

Here is the full list of all the other pages and features included:

    • Digital hyperlink tabs helping you quickly navigate
    • A one page 2022: view all 12 months
    • A one page 2022: A planner block for each month
    • For each of the 12 months of the year you get:
      • A one page Monthly planner grid which also includes blocks for:
        • A block a day
        • Main focus points
        • Notes
        • Review of the month
    • Other pages:
      • A two page Project/Action planner
      • Seven Cornel meeting note pages in various colours (lined pages)
      • Fourteen Doodle note pages (blank pages with a picture in one of the corners for inspiration)
    • A one page 2023: 12 month calendar view
    • A one page 2023: 12 month planner blocks

Something to take into consideration, if you are using a note taking app, you can easily add other pages of your choice, as needed. For example, other paper designs, stickers, picture, photos, scanned articles etc… there is a lot of flexibility for you.

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