Credentialing matters

Take your coaching to the next level and become credentialed. There are too many fly by night coaches pretending to be great coaches using fancy marketing jargon.  The people of South Africa and the corporate world are waking up to this and many will only accept proposals from credentialed coaches. It would be a shame to miss a great business opportunity due to not having finalised your credentialing.

Amanda is credentialed as a Master Coach and will walk the road with you, mentor you and prepare you for your formal Evaluation, successfully achieving official credentialing through COMENSA with the title “COMENSA Credentialed Practitioner”.

COMENSA is the Coaching and Mentoring governing body of South Africa, based on ICF guidelines.

This includes a private 1-hour mentoring session with Amanda, where she will prepare you and Mentor you as to what exactly to expect for your formal Evaluation.

A WhatsApp group is created with you and two Evaluators to support you during this journey.

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